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It seriously seems like there’s 1,000,000 beautiful women for every 3 attractive men

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That man Solange is dating looks so good

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I want someone more lowkey and quiet and keeps to himself but always talks to me. Like I’m special so he breaks his rules and talks to me.

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If you call weed “pot” I can’t fuck w u

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the older i get

the more i realize the value of privacy

of cultivating your circle and only letting certain people in

you can be open, honest, and real while still understanding not everyone deserves a seat at the table of your life

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woke up feeling lonely on labor day 

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Some men push the button as far as saying that porn is actually ‘feminist’ because women make more money than men in the industry. To which I reply that men in porn are paid to orgasm, while women are paid to suffer, which is why they deserve and receive a higher monetary compensation. But money is a bad substitute for dignity and body integrity.

I am tired of men who, by wanting so hard to justify their porn use without acknowledging the harm done to women, over-rationalise some aspect of it while closing their eyes to the obvious. And when we ask them if they would like to be treated like the women in porn, they say ‘of course not, but that does not mean that those girls don’t, it is not because YOU won’t like these things to be done to your body that THEY do not like it’. Because ‘those girls’ are so different then us, regular human beings…

The fact is that women have been brainwashed to think that enduring pain is an integral part of their duty of performing femininity. Women harm their feet to walk in high heels. Women voluntarily submit themselves to painful surgeries to have bigger breast. They go through painful waxing procedures. Women are good women when they overcome their pain with a smile. And now, thanks to porn, girls are seeking advice on the internet about how to give deepthroated blowjobs without puking and how to make anal sex less painful. Men are never expected to do such things…

comment by MissFit on Porn Part 11: The Difference Between Huffing Dong and Flipping Burgers (via yoursocialconstructsareshowing)

"men in porn are paid to orgasm, while women are paid to suffer" - and that is fucking crucial

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i been workin on some shit and i think i finna be a star, yall

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some behind the scenes of destiny the queen goddess today

She looks so gorgeous omg.


#afropunk 🔥👽🙏


#afropunk 🔥👽🙏

The thing is that I know I’m a very different person. I take everything very seriously. I see 100,000 small things in every 1 large thing. I’m emotional and a little bipolar in the way my feelings go back and forth. I can be difficult to reach, in terms of being distant. At times it’s hard for me to relate to other people. I know my energy is all over the place. I know I probably seem juvenile because I still have so much hope for my life, the world and my future. I know I am juvenile because there are still so many things I want to do that I haven’t done. I’ve already had a lot of ups and downs and have been made even more different because of them. I know I’m not easy to be around because things are always o complicated with me. But this is who I am. I have flaws I’d love to improve but I’m still very happy with who I am. It’s a big picture but a good one. Everything about me may say otherwise but I truly believe it’s- I’m- a good one.

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Im so incredibly passionate about music. I love it so much I can’t even really begin to put it into words. And words too. I’m so interested in the process of putting my observations, thoughts and feelings into words that other people can then read and understand. I don’t know. I just love expression, especially in the forms of music and words because I feel like they’re able to reach people in ways that images can’t. Words and sounds stay with you in ways that images don’t. And I’ve just always had so much inside that I’m in love with the things that can be done to get it out. If I could I’d spend all my time working on writing and making music and just gathering inspiration and thinking it all over. I just love it & the feeling of me making sense of the things around me.

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i always used to put my friends first and was so accommodating and nice so that’s probably why i’ve been walked over in the past and its prob why i’ve had better boyfriends because with boys i’m just like  oh well a new will come a long soon

people tend treat me better when i put myself first 

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hey. What advice would you give to someone who longed to physically touch others ( both innocently and romantically) but was also scared of the feelings/fears intimacy brought around because she hasn't ever lived like this before?



Give it time and take it slow. Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive ya crazy (I’m a sucker for song references). But honestly breathe and when it feels right, go for it.

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